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7 Ways To Repair Your Smoke-Damaged Skin

Smoke-Damaged Skin
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Smoking has negative effects on the overall health and lifestyle of the smoker. It adversely affects the lungs, brain and heart and it also leads to premature aging and wrinkling. Skin damage caused by long-term smoking results in grayish looking skin and lines around the mouth and eyes. The skin’s collagen and elastin are both affected and this causes the pale look that smokers have. Reversing the effects of long-term smoking may be difficult but there are ways to minimize the damage. By following these steps, you can be on your way to reclaiming your youthful look!

  1. Quit smoking

Before you can attempt to repair the damage, you have to quit the habit. You have to stop tobacco use in order to stop further damage to the skin. The chemicals in the cigarette cause a reduction in the blood flow to the organs, resulting in the premature aging and wrinkling. The skin is deprived of oxygen and essential nutrients, affecting the regeneration of the skin cells.

  1. Improve your diet

After you quit smoking, the next step is to improve your diet. You need to start eating healthy foods that will improve the quality of your skin. Foods rich in vitamins C and E including fruits and vegetables, will enhance skin protection. Smoking affects the body’s ability to absorb the essential vitamins, which contributes to the premature aging. When you eat a healthy diet and hydrate the skin with plenty of water, you can minimize most of the damage. You should also avoid caffeine and alcohol as these drinks contribute to dehydration.

  1. Take supplements

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Another step in the skin repair process is to take vitamin supplements regularly. You have to ensure that you take in adequate amounts of vitamins A and C and the best way is to supplement your diet with these wonderful nutrients. Taking good quality supplements alongside a healthy diet will help to repair some of the damage brought on by smoking. It is important to talk to a doctor or nutritionist who can recommend the best supplements in the market.

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